Thursday, November 26, 2009

What my students did for Turkey Day.

Once upon a time, my art room was in an old building, way up a hill, and far far away from the rest of the school. One of the perks to our old digs was a large hallway of floor to ceiling bulletin boards that connected the three art rooms. On the day before Thanksgiving break we would let the kids create a "Turkey Wall" of turkey inspired graffiti. It was always fun to see what creative things they came up with. This year, I put a few big pieces of brown paper on the walls in my room and let my students have at it. It wasn't quite the same as when all of the students from the entire department inspired each other in the dark halls of old G building, but it was fun all the same. Happy Turkey Day, from the students of ORHS VA 103!
Several students went non-traditional, with Chicken "wangs" and lobsters offering to save the turkeys.
We had PETA turkeys, the Mayflower, and this image of "turkey eating pants"!

One of my favorites was the Mothra Turkey attacking the city.

And then there was my own contribution, whose speech bubble read "I hope your thanksgiving is better than mine." My turkey day was pretty great, so I really do hope yours was as good if not better!

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