Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Weekend's Griswald Family Pictures

Last weekend, I completely neglected my laundry and dishes to prepare for our family Christmas photo shoot.  I had been thinking of ideas for a while (blog posts about it here and here), but by the time I called our photographer friend, the same friend this year as last year, it was quickly determined that the best date would be that same weekend, about 4 days after we set it all up.  In those four days, I found a location that looked like a shopping area, but was mostly vacant buildings so there wouldn't be anyone in our way.......right?  WRONG!  Apparently the ONLY occupied business was a theater and they had a performance scheduled.  Luckily there was ONE empty parking space and we took it!

 I got Auntie Jen to come help distract Lydia while we set up the shot.  I don't think she minded much!

I wrapped a TON of boxes, some empty and some containing our gifts, in the colors of the photo shoot.  This was actually where the planning began.  I couldn't quite figure out what we were wearing until I found some really cheerful wrapping paper in turquoise and red with lime green and pink accents.  Suddenly I had my color pallet and it all came together.
 There I am stacking all those boxes on top of the car.  I would get them just about perfect and then the wind would blow and knock over all the empty boxes.  Next time, I will wrap up a few rock filled boxes if I need gifts for an outdoor photo!
 Speaking of stacking things on top of the car.... we put Lydia on top of the roof got a few shots of her with the gifts.
Lydia acting excited about a gift.
 Lydia getting a little TOO interested in a gift.  This one was a real gift that I now have to wrap for a second time.  Fortunately it was something for a kitchen, so Lydia wasn't too attached to it once she got it open.
 This is the shot that I had in mind when I planned the whole photo session.  I really really like this picture, but we actually had a few that I hadn't planned on that I liked even more.  I want SO badly to show my favorites off to everyone that I know, but I just ordered them and really want our family and very close friends (sorry ya'll, this year's cards weren't free like last year so I ordered the minimum!) to get the real thing in the mail before everyone sees them online.
 I wanted to do a few pictures that took advantage of the car's windows.  PJ wanted to take advantage of a moment when I wasn't paying attention to be his regular goofy self!
 He apologized.
 We kissed and made up.... or maybe this is when he bit my nose!  Silly boy!
 Here is one last one of our family in and around the windows of the car.
Finally, we did some pictures of the whole family on the tailgate with all the gifts piled in the back.  These ended up being some of my favorites because you can see the car and a lot of the different wrapping on the gifts.  This is not my favorite picture from this pose,but the best ones are on the card, which I will reveal, SOON! Happy Holidays!

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