Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Watermelon Witch

At this moment, this picture is getting a HUGE number of re-pins on Pinterest and driving a lot of visitors to my blog.

Unfortunately, at the time I posted that picture it was as a footnote to a blog post about carving a watermelon to look like a brain.

If you want the details on the watermelon brain, click here. If you want the details on the fruit salad vomiting watermelon witch, I now have a DIY on the Fly video where myself and Margot Potter demonstrate how to make one.

Looking at them side by side, my witch (on the left) doesn't look nearly as nice as my husband's (on the right). Mostly, I was simplifying to fit everything into a three minute video. (Although I must pay respect to the fact that PJ is a master melon carver!)

Here are the details that were left out of the video. Carve the face just like you would carve a pumpkin. I just made triangles. PJ left slits in the center like cats eyes. He also carved eyebrows and used a toothpick to attach a grape as a wart!
After the face is carved turn the melon upside down and scoop most of the fruit out through the cut at the bottom. In the video I just scooped a little from the mouth. Mix the watermelon with some grapes and strawberries for a red fruit salad and full a bowl with it. That way when you elevate the witch head, the bowl goes right below the mouth. We didn't have a bowl for the video and I realize what a difference that makes in both the illusion that she is vomiting and in the ability of your guests to spoon the fruit onto their plates.


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